Fabric framed wall hanging - 87cm (h) x 74cm (w)

"Black White and Shades of Feathers"


Inspiration:  Feeding, photographing and getting to know this beautiful mother magpie (“mum“ as I called her) together with her many babies which appeared each spring over 10 + years of our human and feathered relationship.  

Photographing then creating this embroidery masterpiece has been so rewarding...giving immortality to this beautiful bird. 

As a wall hanging the "Magpie" could grace even the most elegant home, office or even a football club.  

So many hours working on "mums" beautiful features bringing texture and movement to this thread painting... so realistic.


Fabric framed wall hanging - 87cm (h) x 74cm (w)


Techniques/Materials: Hand embroidery thread painting.  Silk, stranded cotton and silver threads. Fabric: Pure wool blanketing, shot cotton as frame and backing.